Why You Should Support Health

community vaccination

Why support our initiatives for better health

A USC School of Pharmacy student gives a flu shot at a South Los Angeles community health fair.

“Our health-related schools and facilities are recognized the world over for excellence and innovation.”

– USC President Carol L. Folt

“We’re this close to a breakthrough.”

Walk through our campuses, and you’ll hear these words again and again.

You’ll meet a scientist determined to keep breast cancer from spreading. Another researcher fights ocean plastics. Other experts improve health care policy or heal patients’ spirits through music and art.

USC innovators work tirelessly for our health. They educate the next generation of visionaries, too. When you support them, you join a team that won’t stop until it reaches its destination: better health for everyone.

We’re leaders in health care and discovery


Private pharmacy school in the U.S.


Gerontology master’s program in the U.S.


U.S. News & World Report ranking of Keck Hospital among California hospitals


Better health is in our DNA

Improving well-being worldwide is part of our mandate as one of the nation’s leading research universities.

Our experts come up with daring ideas

With 21 schools from music to medicine, USC houses a breadth of experts rarely seen. Our educators advocate for science literacy, and our architects design buildings that help people feel better. Health innovation crosses boundaries here.

We’re fully invested in health

Here you’ll find a robust university health system that offers clinical trials drawing on the latest research. Supporting our leading research programs will accelerate prevention, treatments, and cures for Alzheimer’s and cancer — and lead to discoveries in mental health, diabetes, and more.

High-impact research requires sought-after experts and space

Researchers want their discoveries to reach and help people faster. They need labs to do that. So we’re building a new translational discovery hub and hiring nearly 100 scientists doing research with the greatest promise for health. This growth is critical to our goal of doubling research by the 2030s.

We educate health professionals who keep L.A. well

Southern California is our home and it’s in our heart. We’re committed to providing top-quality education for future physicians, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, and physical and occupational therapists who will care for our neighbors in L.A. and beyond.

Our faculty members care for Southern California

USC has one of only two university-based medical systems in Los Angeles, and studies show that patients have better results at academic medical centers. We care for some of the nation’s sickest people, so we must grow to reach more people who need our help.

Competition for top students is stiff

To have the nation’s best graduate schools in health, we need the most talented students. We can only attract them by offering scholarships and other financial aid to reduce their debt.

Competition for leading faculty members is stiff, too

Great teaching and discoveries come from great faculty members. Endowed chairs and professorships enable us to attract top minds to USC — and keep them.

We will revolutionize health through tech

If we build on our leading strengths in engineering, AI, and computing, we could help people stay well and save lives through emerging smart technology. Our researchers need donor support to test their ideas and push them forward.

Access to better health starts here

USC trains journalists who share reliable health information with the public. We reach school children to teach biology and expose them to health careers. And while health advances often fail to reach our nation’s most vulnerable, we advocate for those in need. Funding for health justice is critical to our community.

How we’re changing health for the better